Ladies Night at Ace Hardware DC

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 5th street Ace Hardware’s 5th Annual Ladies Night! Now I love visiting Ace Hardware anyway for most of my home necessities but it was even more fabulous to be surrounded by so many women who love to maintain their homes as well. The evening started at 6pm with jam packed gift bags for the 1st 100 guests (I didn’t make the cut *sad face*). There were a lot of raffle prizes, snacks, a photo booth, manicure station, wine, product vendors and DIY demos.


But wait, the best part was that they offered 20% off of your entire purchase! Oh happy day! I actually put off purchasing more paint for my hallway until Ladies Night. Of course, I ended up with more than what I intended to buy but isn’t that how a sale works. All in all it was a cool event with what I have found to be THE best customer service oriented hardware store in the city. I met one of the owners for the 5th Street Ace Hardware last night and she was so sweet and engaging. I can see why this particular Ace Hardware has repeat and recognizable customers. I think I’m turning into one of them. 🙂

As you can see from my haul pic, I clearly did not walk out with only what I intended on getting. lol! Psst, the CFL light bulbs were a box of 5 for $4.95!!


 Live and Love in positivity,


All pictures are my own


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