Thoughtful Thursday 13

It’s Thoughtful Thursday for Thursday, March 12th, the 13th Thursday of 2015. Today’s quote is a favorite that I have learned over years.


Just Breathe…that is what plays in my head when I read this. Just Breathe. In a moment of anger, if we only took a minute to breathe and think of what we were about to do or say will certainly in most cases save us from some future regret or heartache. Harsh words spoken or ill acts preformed towards others can not be taken back. Living with regret is a harsh reality and you could do without your heart bearing that load. If you are wronged seek patience in not retaliating. You know the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make it right”, I think that this is true. Getting back at someone will not change the situation and will never make things better and in most cases will probably make it worse.  Practice patience, it takes a while to master but takes mere seconds to show how it can affect a situation.

Live and love in positivity,



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6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday 13

  1. Good Woman says:

    A wonderful quote and so important. It took me many years to learn that, but mostly I have learned to stop immediately reacting when something angers or annoys me. There are still times when my buttons get pushed and I have to struggle hard to not react, but I feel so good when I am successful at it.


    • creativegem says:

      Yes!! I am so with you on that!! Do you find it even harder when you know the person is purposely trying to push your buttons? Or when you are successful at it – it seems that the person becomes even more annoyed that you won’t entertain their nonsense?


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