Thoughtful Thursday 50

It’s Thursday, December 15th, the 50th Thursday of 2016.  Today’s Thoughtful Thursday quote is from The Mompreneur Show. I follow their Instagram account which is full of inspiration for mom-entrepreneurs and came across this post. I immediately thought of all the times in my life when I have felt down and out only to realize that that particular let down was setting me up for a breakthrough.


It is why, to this day when someone tells me about what they are going through, I can honestly say that I believe that God is telling  you NO so that in HIS time, he can make room for your YES. This can apply to either your business or personal life. If your relationship has broken down, know that that will not be your last. If you didn’t get that car loan, know that a better car in on the way. If you didn’t get that job, be thankful because it may not have been the best position for you, something is in the works.

I can recall the most recent time I gave this advice was to my Brother. I had just purchased my first home so you know I was fresh off that experience with a lot of new found knowledge and he was in the market as well. He had found what he thought to be the perfect home for his family. It had a nice yard and a pool. I tell you he was in love. He started the process to purchase the home only for it to fall through. Bummed isn’t sufficient a word to describe how he felt. Everyone has had that feeling at one time or another, I’m sure. But I told him, like I’d tell anyone, to keep the faith and know that there was a reason for that NO. You may not see it now or next month but it will reveal itself in time. Fast forward not even a month later, and he comes across another home, that is larger, has both a large front and back yard with a two car garage and yes, his beloved swimming pool. Of course he tried not to get his hopes up again but he loved the home. Now he and his family are living in and fixing up their dream home in a really nice neighborhood.

If I can give anyone any advice, it would be to have faith, trust in your God and know that your patience will be rewarded. The outcome may be unknown but it is certain that you will receive one.

Live and love in positivity,




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