Thoughtful Thursday 9/17

It’s Thursday, March 2nd, the 9th Thursday of 2017. Today’s quote is a productivity quote from Pema Chodron that I found while searching for quotes for my 2017 Office Planner. When I read this however, I immediately connected it to my financial journey instead. Of course this can certainly apply to everything but finances were my first thought.



Here I am in my late 30s and I am finally learning that the bind of being in debt (current or accumulated in the future) will never go away until you learn and implement good money habits. Getting out of debt and saving an emergency fund (because I am a breathing and walking poster child for Murphy’s Law), investing more for my future and teaching my children and my family to have good money habits has finally settled into my spirit to creating a much more peaceful space in my life. Ahhh…Financial Freedom. I am moving along in my journey and currently working on my car loan with student loans next in the queue. I am happy to have learned my lesson and am better for it. I couldn’t have fathomed leaning a legacy for my children’s children without it.

It is true really, think about it. Money problems don’t go away until we learn to live within our means and build wealth. Family and/or relationship problems don’t go away until we learn to properly communicate with each other and confront the issue at hand. Spiritual blocks don’t go away until we learn that everything is in God’s hands and will reveal itself in his time and when we are open to receive it. Physical/healthy problems or issues don’t go away unless we learn to take better care of ourselves through doctor’s appointments, eating better and exercise. Do you see how there is a correlation between having to struggle with something and only when a lesson is learned about the situation and an action is taken will it ever go away? Of course, you have to maintain that you will have to continue to put in the work for it NOT to return. Being open and receiving the wisdom of life’s many lessons is personal growth and wish nothing but positive personal growth for all who read this. 🙂

Live and love in positivity,




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