Financial Journey Challenge

It is a brand new year and I figured why not start it off with a photo challenge and not just any ole photo challenge, one that will motivate and inspire us all to push through our financial journeys and make some money moves in 2018. I would like to invite you to join me for the #MoneyMovesFF Money Moves Financial February IG Photo Challenge beginning on Thursday, February 1st.

Wherever you are in life, whether you are still paying off debt or you are already debt free, you have a photo story to tell. I think wherever you are can help inspire someone who may not be where you are yet or may even be in the same financial boat.

We are all on a journey and for many of us, our financial journey is a top priority. So I would love for you to join me in a Financial Journey Photo Challenge as we set sail in the month of February continuing our journey towards Financial Freedom!!

We will begin February 1st, so be sure to copy the Photo challenge schedule graphic below to share on your social media platforms like Instagram prior to the 1st and request the planner insert printable.

There is a Money Move prompt for every day of the month of February. Get creative and post of picture however you would like to represent that prompt. It certainly doesn’t have to be literal but here are some helpful tips incase you are stuck.

  1. #Me – Post a picture and tell us a little about yourself and your financial journey.
  2. #Budgetwithme – If you create a budget for your household, let’s see it!
  3. #Stickers – If you have a planner, let’s see some of those budget stickers.
  4. #Mywhy – Is your why a person (or people), place or thing?
  5. #Budgetplanner – Do you utilize a traditional budget planner, computer spreadsheet or an app on your phone?
  6. #Quote – Post your favorite financial/budgeting quote. Let’s inspire others!
  7. #Cashenvelopes – How creative are your envelopes or what are they?
  8. #Sinkingfunds – Do you have a sinking fund? What are they?
  9. #Nospend – What are you NOT spending money on today?
  10. #Babystep – What step(s) are you on? Wherever you are in your journey, you are on a step.
  11. #Mealplan – Let’s meal plan for the week and save on groceries.
  12. #Free99 – Something that you snagged for free aka $Free.99!!
  13. #Goalupdate – Update your monthly or 2018 goal.
  14. #Loveonabudget – If no one has ever told you, know that you are loved! So how did you spend your Valentine’s Day on a budget?
  15. #Midmonthreview – How are you doing so far?
  16. #FinancialTRB – Post your favorite personal finance or what’s next on your list.
  17. #Priorities – What are your financial priorities?
  18. #Phoneapps – Show us your favorite personal finance/budgeting app.
  19. #Financialfuture – Visualize your financial future.
  20. #Paidinfull – Where are you debt free? Motivate yourself with what you’ve already paid off.
  21. #Motivation – What’s your motivation to be/stay debt free?
  22. #Ballinonabudget – How have you balled on a budget this month? What fabulous things have you got for less?
  23. #Cashisking – It’s one of Dave Ramsey’s favorite things to say, show what it means to you.
  24. #Nospend – Its no spend day #2. How are you NOT spending your hard earned coins?
  25. #Mealplan – What’s your meal plan for the final week of the month.
  26. #Savingscheckin – How are your savings going so far?
  27. #Expensetracker – If you don’t track your expenses, you should. Let’s see them!
  28. #Mywins – Post your wins so far for the year or this month.

Hashtag each daily prompt and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MoneyMovesFF with every post. A half sheet insert is available if you would like to place it in your planner as a quick reference. See you on the 1st!!

Live and Love in positivity,


Photo Challenge {pic is my own}

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