Game of Thrones

Can we enter the world of my inner geekdom really quickly please, I am super excited that Game of Thrones will be back on the air in a few short weeks. I can’t wait till April 12th gets here!! I arrived very late to the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones for two reasons. 1.) I don’t particularly read fantasy literature or Sci Fi, though I LOVE to watch it, so I never knew about the books and 2.) I haven’t had cable for the past seven years or eight years. Continue reading


There was a hashtag campaign launched by YouTube in celebration of International Woman’s Day (which was March 8th) called #dearme. It is basically an inspirational letter to your younger self. I thought that this was such a neat idea and wanted to join in. Now I know I am late and while my YouTube channel isn’t up and running yet, I figured that my blog would still be a great outlet. I have watched a few #DearMe videos. I had come across the video for The Domestic Geek and I loved the format that she chose to address certain years. So here goes… Continue reading

40 before 40

While doing some research for my blog post about my anti-bucket list, Kick the Bucket, I came across a picture, 30 before 30 on the blog, The Word of a Nerd. Now I am the biggest Nerd that I know (and proud of it, I might add) and thought it was really neat the way that Charity, the author, grouped her bucket lists into certain categories and well, since I am a more than a few years into my thirties now, I figured why not turn this into a 40 before 40!

Continue reading