My Goals for 2015

I know it’s February but it’s never to late to reflect and put a plan in place. I write down my goals annually and keep them close at hand in my purse. This year, I decided to post them on my blog to not only have them recorded in another place but to also hold myself even that much more accountable because they are out here for the world to see. You can also call them my New Years Resolutions. I’m not exactly sure why so many people have a problem with calling them that. Maybe the word scares them or maybe the word is too generic and doesn’t seem to hold any weight. For whatever reason, it is always good to have goals in life.

Instead of having a long list of items, I prefer to break mine up into smaller segments, personal, spiritual, financial and business and keep them in something formatted for clear thinking. Below is a picture of how I capture my business goals for my company, Something Blue Weddings. I utilize the SMART Goal process. I am the mother of two teenagers, I host this blog, run two businesses (wedding planning and stationery design) and have a  full-time day job. I have a lot going on so it is nice to just sit down and think of my priorities for the coming year. I did really well with my personal goals in 2014, if I do say so myself, so I’m moving into 2015 with nothing but optimism.


For 2015, I chose to simply break them into two segments, Personal and Business.


  1. Family trip
  2. Spend even more quality time with my children
  3. Start back doing Yoga, meditating and exercising
  4. Start a two way journal recommended by a friend, Jennifer Tyler
  5. Read at least 25 books
  6. Attend church more
  7. Get even more organized
  8. Open a Roth IRA
  9. Complete all home renovation and design projects


  1. Be featured in at least one periodical and blog
  2. Plan, Coordinate and Design at least 6 weddings and events
  3. Plan and execute a styled shoot
  4. Complete design and find a printer for production of planners and organizational products
  5. Start adding videos at least monthly to YouTube channel

At the end of the year, I will review this post and let you know how I have done. 🙂

What are your Goals or Resolutions for 2015?

Live and love in positivity,



All pictures are my own

14 thoughts on “My Goals for 2015

  1. Aggie says:

    I am with you in getting more organized, and reading more books, perhaps not a hundred, but at least better that my record last year, which was 4! 😛 Btw, what’s a reply journal?


    • creativegem says:

      Lol!! I’m doing well with organizing but yeah, 100 books is probably setting myself up for failure. Lol!! Maybe I should change it to 25. That’s very ambitious for me as I usually don’t have weekdays, weeknights or Saturdays to myself.

      It’s sort of odd but a friend keeps one and told me about it. I do it half way. Currently, I journal to God (like a written prayer). The reply comes in because after you have written your journal entry you then create another entry from God to you. I think it is intriguing because I believe that majority of the time we have the answers/advice to our own questions or dilemmas. Half of advice we dish out to other people we could probably take for ourselves I find. 🙂 We just need to listen to our inner selves (God) speaking to and through us.

      Update – She calls it a two-way journal

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  2. mindfulaide says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of resolutions. I tend to avoid resolutions myself, mainly because I feel as though when I fail at them I guilt trip myself. I do have general goals in life I carry around with me in my purse though. I think I do need to try a little harder to stay focused on more immediate goals. Do you have any tips for setting immediate goals and sticking to them without feeling guilty if you’re not perfect (my biggest problem!).


    • creativegem says:

      That is certainly normal to feel guilty if you don’t accomplish a goal. What I have found helpful are creating SMART Goals. When we are making resolutions or goals, we tend to just make a statements, like “Exercise more” but with a SMART Goal you need to be more specific like “Lose 20 pounds by June 1st by exercising more and eating a bit healthier”.

      Then list the 4 or 5 factors that you think need to be done in order for you to even accomplish that one goal. For exercising it could be…

      1.) meal prep for the week
      2.) make space in the house to exercise or purchase a gym membership
      3.) work out when I get out of bed
      4.) walk around the block after lunch
      5.) Post work-out calendar on a wall in a visible place.

      Then we look at if this goal is SMART
      S – Specific
      M – measurable
      A – Achievable
      R – Realistic
      T – Timely

      We got pretty specific. Losing 20 pounds is measurable. The feeling of whether it’s achievable depends on the person but setting up that wall calendar may help. Is this goal realistic? I know that for me going to the gym is not realistic so for me that wouldn’t even be there. lol! and it is timely because we gave it an end point of June 1st.

      I find that we sometimes fail at Goals because they are to vague, unrealistic at that point in our lives and unspecific. We really need to get down into the tiny details and figure what we need to do to hold ourselves accountable to that goal. If we know we gave ourselves until June to see a difference, we just may do it and with enough time it may actually form into a habit and then it’s simply second nature. 🙂

      I hope this helps and sorry for the long response. 🙂

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