Game of Thrones

Can we enter the world of my inner geekdom really quickly please, I am super excited that Game of Thrones will be back on the air in a few short weeks. I can’t wait till April 12th gets here!! I arrived very late to the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones for two reasons. 1.) I don’t particularly read fantasy literature or Sci Fi, though I LOVE to watch it, so I never knew about the books and 2.) I haven’t had cable for the past seven years or eight years.


A few months ago upon moving into my new home and needing wifi, I broke down and got the package that included very basic cable. Fortunately for me, this package included HBO for a year. Woo Hoo!! While bored one weekend, I came across all four seasons of the show. Of course I had heard of the show before but since I hadn’t previously had the opportunity to watch it, it intrigued me. From episode one and Ned Stark I might add, I was hooked and completed all four seasons probably within a month and a half.

Now for these last few months I have been in complete and utter withdrawal. That’s what happens when you have a Netflix kind of weekend and binge watch these shows. When the season starts you have to revert to a regular weekly schedule. I am not looking forward to that but I am looking forward to what is going to happen with my favorite characters, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister. Honestly, after the Red Wedding episode, I am just thankful that these three are still alive.

So these past few months, I have been getting by watching Game of Thrones Youtube channels, Reading the show’s wiki, visiting their HBO site and really trying to become very familiar with the characters. From this, I realized that the show is no where near as robust as the books so I think in between the weekly airings, I will try to get as far into the books as I can. I really want to understand all of the backstory of the houses, characters and the region. Now I have my own theories but I’ll wait until the season begins to get into some of those.

I am so ready for Season 5! Check out the trailer!!

Live and love in positivity,



Featured image {source}, GOT crow {source}

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