30 Day Business Photo Challenge

I know I have been MIA for a while. It’s has been a very hectic last few weeks. So to jumpstart my blogging heart for the month of July, I have joined in on a 30 Business Photo challenge hosted by Anne Samoilov. Over on her site, www.annesamoilov.com you can find out more information regarding the challenge if you would like to join in. The hashtag is #30daybizcamp and be sure to tag Anne in your posts.


Today, July 1st is day one of the challenge and today’s photo is “Pick one project”. I have chosen my Better Business Planner as my project. The Better Business Planner is a comprehensive planner for entrepreneurs, especially those who handle most of the day in and day out affairs of their business such as the social media, finances and advertising. We all don’t have big budgets and my plan with the Better Business Planner is to allow small business owners to have a planner and place to store, calculate and brainstorm over their proprietary information.


My goal is to finalize this baby by the end of the summer to fully launch at the end of 2015 for the 2016 calendar year. I plan to utilize this photo challenge to help give me the push I need to make it happen. I love business motivation. Let me know if you are thinking of joining the challenge!! 🙂 You can also follow me and my July #30DayBizCamp Photo Challenge posts over on Instagram.

Live and love in creativity,



Photo challenge {source}, Better Business Planner {own picture}

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