40 before 40

While doing some research for my blog post about my anti-bucket list, Kick the Bucket, I came across a picture, 30 before 30 on the blog, The Word of a Nerd. Now I am the biggest Nerd that I know (and proud of it, I might add) and thought it was really neat the way that Charity, the author, grouped her bucket lists into certain categories and well, since I am a more than a few years into my thirties now, I figured why not turn this into a 40 before 40!

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Kick the Bucket

bucket-listI’m sure we all have made a bucket list at one point or another. You know, that list of those things we want to do or accomplish before we die. I have a family bucket list of things I want my children to experience with me before they get too grown to do things with mommy. I am teetering on the edge as my son and daughter just turned 18 and 14 years old respectively. This saddens me every time I say their ages. Time surely does fly. Continue reading