40 before 40

While doing some research for my blog post about my anti-bucket list, Kick the Bucket, I came across a picture, 30 before 30 on the blog, The Word of a Nerd. Now I am the biggest Nerd that I know (and proud of it, I might add) and thought it was really neat the way that Charity, the author, grouped her bucket lists into certain categories and well, since I am a more than a few years into my thirties now, I figured why not turn this into a 40 before 40!

I loved her format and how compartmentalized it all was and that it would probably be better for me anyhow so this list may actually work out.

Fit Life
Make Yoga a way of life
Consistently exercise at least three (3) days a week
Eat an at least 75% organic diet
Increase my core strength substantially
Flatten my belly by strengthening my core & consistent exercise
Purchase a treadmill

Spiritual Life
Pray before Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
Make meditation a way of life
Begin two-way spiritual journal
Sit and do a full life reflection session every year
Start back with Girls Night to encourage woman in personal lives
Attend church services more regularly (physically or online)

Travel Life
Travel to Bora Bora
Travel to Greece
Travel through the equatorial Rain Forest
Visit Hawaii with my children
Girls trip to Dubai
Purchase a timeshare in the Caribbean somewhere (possibly St. John)

Nerd/Dork Life
Write a children’s mystery book 
Build an iPhone/iPad app (just because)
Read all of my daughter’s young adult fantasy books
Read all of the books on my bookshelf
Get through all of the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and Game of Thrones books

Real Life
Get a certification in Graphic Design
Increase my fluency in Spanish (spoken and written)
Have Lasik eye surgery
Apply to MBA program
Grow hair back to a healthy waist length
Learn how to rock my naturally curly hair
Get two more tattoos
Increase my take home pay significantly
Make six figures
Accumulate at least $5-$10k in savings
Prepare to be an empty nester as my last gets ready for college

Entrepreneur Life
Launch a Life Management System & products
Start a Lifestyle Blog
Complete and market my stationery collections
Create consistent cash flow from businesses ventures
Start YouTube channel
Help my sisters get their business venture off the ground

Here is the original picture of Charity’s 30 before 30.

In hindsight, coming up with 40 items was pretty hard but I have three years (156 weeks/1095 days, give or take a few since my birthday isn’t until June of this year) to try to accomplish these goals, so I am going to try to be a bit ambitious here. Wish me luck! Do you have a 20 Before 20, 30 before 30 or even a 50 before 50? If so, please share. I challenge you!!

Live and love in positivity,



30 before 30 {source}, 40 before 40 {my own picture}

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