Read Harder Challenge 2016

My friend Kelli Nicole of Nails and Novels shared with me an annual reading challenge hosted by Book Riot currently in it’s second year is called the Read Harder Challenge 2016. Kelli and I are both avid readers however she can most certainly devour many more books then I can on an annual basis. I try my best to read as often as I can but a targeted booklist will most certainly help me along.

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My new couch – Ektorp

This past weekend, I was finally able to purchase a couch for my home. YAY! I am so very excited to finally have a couch and have something to sit on. I was growing tired of standing in the kitchen, sitting on the floor or at the dining room table. I, of course went to my favorite place – IKEA!! I thought long and hard about an Ikea couch as opposed to a higher price furniture store. I was going to go with a gorgeous $1600+ couch that I LOVED from Z Gallerie but settled on the most economical choice for right now.I may still invest in that couch but I am happy with my choice and my deciding factors for Ikea’s Ektorp couch.

Now, I already knew that I wanted a white couch. As you may know I do have two children but they are both teenagers, which now that I think about it is probably worse than having toddlers when it comes to spilling things but can you say Scotch guard!

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