It’s Cherry Blossom time!!

It is the first week of March and in Washington DC, we are (well at least, I am) officially on Cherry Blossom watch. Yay!! The Cherry Blossoms are such finicky trees that bloom when they feel like it, okay maybe it just seems that way because our unpredictably cold weather can actually impede their bloom. Cherry Blossoms are such lovely flowering trees. I love their soft delicate color and structure. According to the Bloom Schedule, peak bloom this year is predicted to be around April 11th -14th, and I can not wait.

I am fortunate enough to live in our Nation’s Capital so I am very blessed to see the Cherry Blossoms every year. Millions of tourists flock to my fair city to bask in the sight of our gorgeous gifts, most notably along the Tidal Basin and participate in four weeks of wonderful activities during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival is our way of celebrating the blooms and welcoming Spring which at this point is needed oh so badly. We have a parade, a pageant, several performances, museum exhibits and parties. It is a jam packed, fun filled time in preparation for Spring

The National Park Services has put together this great pamphlet that showcases some of the best places to view the trees in DC:


I would invite you, your family and friends to come to DC and join us in celebrating the blossoms and to enjoy all of the festivities. You may see me there. 🙂

Live and love in positivity,




Feature image by Jing Jing Tsong {source}, Cherry Blossom map {source}

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