There was a hashtag campaign launched by YouTube in celebration of International Woman’s Day (which was March 8th) called #dearme. It is basically an inspirational letter to your younger self. I thought that this was such a neat idea and wanted to join in. Now I know I am late and while my YouTube channel isn’t up and running yet, I figured that my blog would still be a great outlet. I have watched a few #DearMe videos. I had come across the video for The Domestic Geek and I loved the format that she chose to address certain years. So here goes…

Dear 1-year-old me, welcome to the beginning of it all. This is the time were you’ll start walking and talking, grabbing and fussing. Your inquiring mind is now in full effect. Stay with that! Always be inquisitive and adventurous. It’s just you and your mom from here on out so take good care of her. You are born into a crazy family that loves you to the moon and back so always cultivate that. Your smile is your umbrella and you wear it well. Stay as happy as you are right now without a care in the world.

Dear 12-year-old me, Your body is fine! You are fine! All women are not meant to look-alike. Know that you are beautiful and will fill out when you get older. Learn to love yourself and not to listen to people’s snide remarks about your body because those remarks that were meant to hurt you are spewed out of ill will. We ALL have flaws and there is probably something that-that person wishes to change about themselves but they are simply projecting onto you. Sit up straight, stand tall and be confident in yourself. Love yourself for not only your outer beauty but for your most obvious inner beauty for that shines better & brighter than anything in this world and never fades.

Dear 17-year-old me, I know peer pressure is so hard but you must be strong. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Follow your own path and that will lead you to a brighter and a future with less hardships. Know that you are blessed with a brain and a mouth to say no or no thank you.

Dear 18-year-old me, Don’t be afraid. All actions have consequences and you must face and live yours to the best of your ability. You are bringing another life into this world so you have a lot to do and prepare for. This little person will count on you and no one else. It is your responsibility to show him what a mother’s love should feel like. You are young yes, but you are strong and you are resourceful, caring, ambitious, intelligent and forward thinking. Don’t ever allow the stigma of being a young mother get to you EVER! You are not a stereotype. You are also very blessed to have the support of your family, never take that or them for granted.

Dear 26-year-old me, You are doing entirely too much. Slow down and pace yourself. I know you feel like you have to fast track everything or that you have to do it all of alone but you won’t be able to maintain this momentum for long. It isn’t healthy. Sit down and map things out, open your mouth and learn to ask for help. Though you feel like you may be behind in life, now that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Steady yourself to win the race you obviously set up for yourself. It is okay to have goals but it is not okay to work yourself into an illness trying to achieve them.

Dear 30-year-old me, ahhh you have left your 20s behind. You have felt heartache and have had several changes this year. Know that losing love is hard but knowing that you fought hard for it with all that you had makes you worthy of it again. You can not change a person because people are meant to see things clearly in their own time. You can not push it or make them see it your way. You must learn to let go and let God because only then will you have any peace.

Dear 32-year-old me, I never truly understood the quote, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” until your son became ill. I am extremely proud how you are handling his cancer diagnosis. You are amazing!! You will persevere during this time of extreme heartache and strain. You have the tools to successfully see him through this illness with a grace, a spirit and a strength that I have never seen before. You will always be admired for that from family & friends. Always be his advocate, keep and eye on your daughter because siblings of children with cancer are affected as well and now that he will come out of this renewed & restored because everyone has been praying for him.

Dear 36-year-old me, I am glad that you took the big step into homeownership. Only you can set your destiny and waiting on others to figure out what they want to do is not the way to live. Live or yourself and your children. Include others but continue to build and grow yourself and your wealth for them so that you can create your legacy. Continue to grow and to learn, it’s never to late. Be bold, take more chances and just live but above all else slow down just a bit to simply enjoy what God has given you the opportunity to have.

I so enjoyed writing to myself. It was sort of therapeutic, nostalgic and thought-provoking for me. Even though International Woman’s Day has passed, we are to be celebrated and inspired year round and one is never too late for that. 🙂

Live and live in positivity,


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