Thoughtful Thursday 22

It’s Thoughtful Thursday!! Today is Thursday, May 14th, the 22 Thursday of 2015. I do not know the author of today’s quote but it is certainly worth sharing.

your journey

What’s your journey? What is your chosen path in life? What decisions good or bad have you made that will possibly affect you the rest of your life? If you feel the need to explain yourself while answering any of these questions, then you are doing it wrong. Your life is meant for your to find your path and live it, not others and you certainly should never have to have people come to agreement with you about your life because you are unique with your own goals, perspectives and morals. If you want to backpack naked through the alps then darn it, that is a part of your personal journey and growth. It is yours so OWN IT with no regrets or explanations.

Live and love in positivity,




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