Thoughtful Thursday 2

It’s Thursday, January 14th the second Thursday in 2016. YAY! Today’s quote is from billionaire and financial powerhouse, Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett always have some great nugets of advice that you can use in all aspects of your life. I am a firm believer in talking with and learning about/from people who not only know more about something than me but who also excel at it. Mr. Buffett is that person for my and my imaginary Grandpa.


If I were looking at this quote say two years ago I would only view it from a personal development standpoint. I wholeheartedly believe this statement but I would have gone in on a full on tangant about werever you are in life you have to just stop digging if you find yourself going down a road that you aren’t comfortable or is detrimental. Whether it’s a lie your told, a relationship you are in or a job you are unhappy – just stop digging yourself into a deeper hole.

I think that this is a perfect message for life, his quote hits even further home for me as 2016 is the beginning of my financial freedom journey. Coming from Warren Buffett this is certainly good advice as a way to deal with your finances. If you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING! For some reason we as human beings have yet to learn that we create our own mess. You know how you hear about people who have extremely high credit card debt and you are stuck wondering how? That is why. They get one credit card in college and before they know it, 5-10 years they are in debt with up to their eyeballs with 15 credit cards.

The madness has to stop the second you realize you are in a hole that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. But you can’t simply just stop, you must put mechanisms in place to grind yourself to a halt such as getting on a budget and paying down your debt. Let’s all take heed to great advice in 2016, creating our best life and filling some holes.

Live and love in positivity,


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