Thoughtful Thursday 2

It’s Thursday, January 14th the┬ásecond Thursday in 2016. YAY! Today’s quote is from billionaire and financial powerhouse, Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett always have some great nugets of advice that you can use in all aspects of your life. I am a firm believer in talking with and learning about/from people who not only know more about something than me but who also excel at it. Mr. Buffett is that person for my and my imaginary Grandpa.


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Thoughtful Thursday 25

It’s Thoughtful Thursday and today is Thursday, June 4th, the 25th Thursday of 2015. Today’s quote is an ode to myself as my 37th birthday is approaching on Sunday, June 7th. The author is unknown but this quote could serve as an annual reminder for those who are blessed with another year of life amongst those they care about and love.


I can’t believe that I will soon be turning 37 years old. The time has gone by so fast. My son is graduating from High School today and my daughter is finishing out her freshman year of high school. Sometimes you just want time to stand still but alas it can not, it continues to move on year after year. And every year as your birthday comes upon you, we all should be reminded that although getting older and the “fun” things that come along with it such as parties, it is also something that many don’t look forward to but celebrating it is an honor and indeed a privilege. Unfortunately, many people die younger than expected and it is nothing but a blessing that we are here to continue to witness the lives of our families and friends as well be an active participate in our own. Be blessed and take each year as a gift. ­čÖé

Live and love in positivity,



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Thoughtful Thursday 21

It’s Thoughtful Thursday!! Today is Thursday, May 7th, the 21 Thursday of 2015. Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I wanted to start the month of May off with a special dedication to all of the mothers, stepmothers, Godmothers, aunts & Grandmothers. You all are truly the heartbeat of the world. Today’s quote is by Stephanie Precourt.


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