My new couch – Ektorp

This past weekend, I was finally able to purchase a couch for my home. YAY! I am so very excited to finally have a couch and have something to sit on. I was growing tired of standing in the kitchen, sitting on the floor or at the dining room table. I, of course went to my favorite place – IKEA!! I thought long and hard about an Ikea couch as opposed to a higher price furniture store. I was going to go with a gorgeous $1600+ couch that I LOVED from Z Gallerie but settled on the most economical choice for right now.I may still invest in that couch but I am happy with my choice and my deciding factors for Ikea’s Ektorp couch.

Now, I already knew that I wanted a white couch. As you may know I do have two children but they are both teenagers, which now that I think about it is probably worse than having toddlers when it comes to spilling things but can you say Scotch guard!

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Welcome to my new lifestyle blog

Peace,  Blessings and Welcome to my lifestyle blog!


My name is LaToya and I am a curly haired Gemini and proud mother of two awesome teenagers. I spend my days working in graduate education and as a wedding & event planner. Every other minute is taken up by my favorite things to do which are reading, designing stationery, baking, reading & watching anything about crafting or home projects & Home Decor. Continue reading