Welcome to my new lifestyle blog

Peace,  Blessings and Welcome to my lifestyle blog!


My name is LaToya and I am a curly haired Gemini and proud mother of two awesome teenagers. I spend my days working in graduate education and as a wedding & event planner. Every other minute is taken up by my favorite things to do which are reading, designing stationery, baking, reading & watching anything about crafting or home projects & Home Decor.

I created this blog to document my journeys into a healthier, more organized and sustainable me. I love fashion but am very much an everyday no make-up, bun, t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. So my goal is to become a little bit more knowledgeable about hair, make-up, fashion and beauty overall.

I also just purchased my first home. YAY!! Everything that I have learned about home ownership and decor, I can now put to very good use. I am truly excited about this chapter in my life as I love to build and create things so my goal is to ensure that my new home reflects who I am and what I love. When I moved from my previous rental, I pretty much did not bring a lot with me so I am starting from square one. It is exciting but a long and arduous process.

Goals that I set for myself in 2014 were to eat healthier, exercise more (I fail at every attempt), budget and to become more organized. I’ve done a fairly good job of eating healthier, budgeting and being more organized, if I do say so myself, but there is always room for improvement.

There are also my many many ramblings on about my other favorite things which includes books to read, self-awareness & inspiration, movies, family and travel. I am truly excited about this blog and forthcoming YouTube channel. I hope that you will enjoy and venture along with me through lifes journeys.

Live and Love in positivity!


Photo by Scott Hopkins Photography

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