Thoughtful Thursday 19

It’s Thoughtful Thursday and today is Thursday, April 23rd, the 19th Thursday of 2015. Today’s quote is about people and their intentions and I think to make note of when making new friends or when speaking with old ones.


I’m sure most people have those friends or associates that they just can’t talk to. You know the ones who either never let you talk or everything is about them. For the most part I think that this quote is true, most people simply want to hear themselves talk or be the bearer of advice on your life. The sooner we learned that most people truly just want to reply rather than thoughtfully listen to us we become better at choosing those that we want to share our lives with. This thought process can be used in all types relationships such as friendships but knowing this difference can be most helpful in am intimate relationship. You can only build a relationship with someone who seeks to understand you not talk you out of any conversation.

Chose wisely my friends!

Live and love in positivity,



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