Thoughtful Thursday 14

It’s Thoughtful Thursday and today is Thursday, March 19th the 14th Thursday of the year and today’s quote is something that all young women should instill as a learned behavior.


We all know that it is hard enough to learn who we are growing up but to also accept who we are and acknowledge any flaws that we think we may have is another subject. I believe there are two types of flaws – those we instinctively have and those that we think that we have. Usually the flaws that we think that we have are superficial such as a big nose, small eyes, wide hips, etc. Physically I say, embrace whatever flaw that you think you have. Let the feeling of shame go! You are alright and enough for the world and for anyway who will love you. Stop beating yourself up and live your best life. Time spent worrying about it will only prove to weigh heavily on your spirit.

Now flaws that we instinctively have I think are those that we must learn about ourselves and own up to. Let’s use me as an example, I am fully aware and acknowledge that I am wholeheartedly a procrastinator. If there were a poster child for PA (Procrastinators Anonymous), I totally just made that group up I think, I would probably be it. I don’t take too much pride in that but I do laugh about it. But the key is that I know that I am a procrastinator and will wait to do most things at that last drop of a second before it is due, so I have to plan things accordingly. I have to push myself into awareness by taking small baby steps towards any projects so not to overwhelm myself when I do the big push. I know and truly accept that doing things at the last minute is who I am, it’s my flaw. I am working on it but it is a very slow walk through the desert of productivity. BUT because I know this about myself and try to prepare myself for what I know I will do I always make it through in the end. No one can hold it against me or assume this about me because I am fully aware and still get the job done. Some people may try to call you out on your flaw to hurt you but the ultimate power is looking them in the face and saying, “oh I know” and walking away.

Live and love in positivity,




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6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday 14

  1. CurvyLou says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I had a family member try to hurt me by saying to my niece, who totally loves me, that I was a bad influence because I was alcoholic. I was like, “Dude, I’ve been sober for fifteen years. You think I haven’t come to terms with this?” At one point, it might have hurt, but it just bounced off. It’s like you said, I acknowledge it and have worked through it. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is and I’ve done everything I can to turn it into a positive. Thank you for the lovely post.

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